Ludum Dare – 001 – Let’s do this.

Let me introduce Ludum Dare. The challenge is simple: create a game from scratch on a given theme… in 48 hours. And I’ve known about it for a long time, and I’ve never ever participated because I had other things to do. And I’ve only learned about this one a few hours ago. And I hadn’t anything planned for this weekend, so … why not?

We’re 2 hours away from knowing our challenge, but my mind is already set on a concept. I’m not sure if it will fit within the theme, but well, I’ll make it fit.

I’ve decided to go for a html5 canvas game. I have some experience in that area, but not much useful for what I’m planning to do. My goal is to make a very simple “seek and solve” game, some kind of a small adventure game. I’ve decided to really start from scratch, so I will only be using my little text editor, gimp and my scanner. I’m planning to draw all the graphics myself, with a blue ballpoint pen. It’s going to be amazing! (And very, very ugly.)

So I’m going to work on 3 domains. For starters I need to have an engine. My estimate is that by tomorrow evening, I should have an engine that allows me to create my adventure. That gives me another day to manage the contest, being: a story, graphics for the story, audio and… music! Let’s see how far we get…

I’m a bit sick so I should also get plenty of sleep. I also have to buy a new pair of shoes tomorrow. I also have to Skype with a beautiful Spanish girl. And I also have to smoke, drink and sleep.

In 50 hours we’ll see how far I got. Let’s hope I’ve at least started something. But first, I’m going to take a bath.

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