Metroid Prime Hunter

It's the first “FPS” I tried on my DS and I have to say that I'm impressed. (I didn't receive the Metroid Demo since I bought the Mario Kart pack). I had a bit trouble with the movement & aiming (touchscreen) but after some “jumping around” I managed to get trough the first levels.

The multiplayer has a lot in common with “Unreal Tournament”: the various missions (battle, survival, bounty, defender, prime hunter, capture and nodes) offer much possebilities and hours of fun gaming… if I would know someone who owns a NDS too that is…

I was a bit disappointed with the Wifi gameplay. I tought there would be something “pc multiplayer game” system, but the NDS just picks a couple of players. You can't choose a battle mode: only the normal battle is available.

Anyway, I guess I'll have a lot of fun in single player missions.]]>

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