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Connect Conference 2005

I’m going to do this one in English for it might be interesting for non – Belgian people. I apologize for miswritten words and faulty sentences.

The first “Connect Conference“, organized by the Youth Section of the Goetheanum, still is one of the most happy memories of my life as a high school student. It was a conference for all “12th grade students” of the Steiner – (or, more international: Waldorf -) school. It was, basically, a 1 week during meeting with people who shared a certain view on life, nature and education.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a stereotype kind of guy. Most of the times my thoughts are the opposite of the general opinion. At this meeting, however, I managed to meet a whole bunch people that shared my view on things. That is, of course, in certain fields.

The conference was pretty much about everything. We talked about religion in the current age, relationships, environmental issues, position of multinationals, art, emotions, music, etc. We pretty much shared the same idea: we all wanted to make this world a better place. Not only for ourselves, but for human, animal, plants and spirits (although I didn’t really agree with that last one… but well, it’s Waldorf after all ;-)).

Like I said, I hold some pretty memories about the Connect Conferences. I’ve met some wonderful people there, and forgot about them as soon as we rode home, losing their E-mail adress anyway.

This, however, is a wonderful experience itself. You go to a place where you don’t know anyone (except the rest of your class which you are bored of anyway), you meet some people from around the world, you promise you will “keep connected” and after a few weeks simply forget about them.

But I can’t really say that’s the truth. Once in a while I still damn myself for not asking 1 E-mail adress. And, I wouldn’t be me if that E-mail adress wouldn’t belong to a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “want” her, she just was a girl with a wonderful view on life; a girl with that sort of optimistic view on life that makes you happy. Even when it’s raining.

Now it’s my sisters turn to attend Connect Conference. I’d really like to go myself, but I don’t think that would be fair.

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