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“The roof is on fire”

My father is enyoing his “father day” gifts:

– A “super sponge”

– A little bathroom – tile stating the things a dad should do: doing the dishes etc

– A yar full of sweets.

The summer finaly came trough.

*update* now my sister is trying to play my guitar.

Quote: “Oei, het lukt niet zo goe”

It's friggin hot in here… 25 degree Celsius inside.

I kinda hate the winter, but this is over the top.

*update* my father discovered my guitar.

Quote: “Hmm, misschien kan ik beter accordeon spelen

I tought I went mad yesterday: I discovered that Deep Purple will play at Rock Zottegem. And that's not even everything: Praga Khan and Vive la F�te will play there too. The dark side: the price went up a little.]]>

Mijn Wereld

6 / 6 / 2006

Thanks for everything and see you in the afterlife.

update: 15:19: still alive…]]>

English Mijn Wereld

The file called “Bla”

But what makes these short living files so special?

Let me tell you. They – almost always – bear the name “bla”, “stuff”, “smthn”, “temp”, “note” or even less describing.

But, what do people who receive these kinds of file do?

Do they simply look at it and remove it afterwards, like you do?

You don't know. So please, for the sake of justice, love and peace, choose a more describing name for your files, even when there life is short.