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Lost in a feeling

I think I have that at the moment.

I just finished putting a new 300 gb (maxor) hard disk in my computer / server. It's 00.05 and I put on Faithless (Sunday 8pm). I'm the only one awake in the building, so I have to be silent or I'll wake my sisters – or worse – my father.

Yesterday me and Ilanka watched Easy Rider. I had not seen that movie since I was 12 or something and watching it again was quite emotional. The desire to flee from the normal world and just keep folowing the roads of America were very strong when I was young and even now I sometimes feel like escaping the real life.

I didn't do any work on RtD4 this weekend.

Maybe I've spent a little too much time on it lately, but I'm sure the first signs of summer have something to do with the dropping motivation.

I think I'm going to watch another movie before I go to bed.



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